From the book

"Quality is a privilege" 

Out  Sept  2018

"We drink fine wine ,enjoy good food and love all forms of art especially, culinary art.Our limitless desire for new has pushed us further ,driven us into experiences beyond any imagination.We do what we know best ,we cook ,bringing art in to it. With a firm conviction that beauty lies in simple things and that details can add magical to it.What we can offer, is what we learned from the past, where you take the best of cooking and keep improving using culinary avangard approach and techniques that simply evaluate your perception of food .We are living in an era where modern technology is bringing a revolution beyond any imagination .For modern society people, eating is not longer what satiates or keeps alive but beauty, something that bring enjoyment to the senses and gives appreciation for arts in presentation.

Culinary art to me it is the greatest of all wide -ranging form of art ,

This book is introducing you to a new chemistry between science and art where food is approached from styled and innovative dining experience."S.Cinotti