Our Menu is been designed by our executive chef Sergio Cinotti to give you different visual on European gastronomy, incorporating classic dishes, modern approach, artistry and molecular science, contrasting flavors,textures and temperatures, incorporating the five tastes;


The Desserts are created by our patron Pastry Chef Pasquale Cinotti, using only the best ingredients sourced by the team in our Development Kitchen and lovingly created into something special and fit to end your meal.



           To start



North Foothills (V) £ 8.95
Mushrooms Selection Sauté with black Garlic,

Topped with Seasonal Vegetable Raviolo


Spaghetti Casanova.£7.95

Asparagus, Pancetta, Bacon. Ask for the (V) Option




Apple and champagne jelly| toasted brioche | figs and onion chutney.


Pancetta| peas|potato croquette| dried yogurt| (Welsh summer truffles extra 



Vellutata Soup (V) .£7.95

Veloute`of Parsnips, celeriac, salsify Scorzanera, Jerusalem-artichokes and roasted onions, camomile dust .

Deep Blue £ 9.95

Pan seared sea Scallop, Black Ink Ravioli filled with Mascarpone & Herbs. Bouillabaisse Sauce.

Porcini & more £ 9.95

Wild Mushrooms and baby prawns ,white wine sauce


Risotto con Zucca

Ristto With Pumpkin Cream, Pancetta –Bacon. £8.95






Pasta (Prepared especially for the actress at Swansea film festival). Smoked salmon| Scallop| Prawns| emulsion of cream | laver-bread, sun blushed tomato| keta. (G,E,F,M,Cr,D,)14.95


Spaghetti Al Verde.£13.95

Cream of Spinach, Pancetta, Dolcelatte,Bacon. Ask for the (V) Option

Gemelli £14.95

A Distinctive Combination of Spaghetti ,Smoked Pancetta, Bacon, Mushroom Selection, White Wine & Herbs Creamy Sauce.

Spaghetti Cymru. £13.95

Gower Salt Marsh lamb ragu``& braised beef.

Bosco (V) £12.95

Spaghetti, Wild Mushrooms, Beurre- Blanc Sauce Infused With Truffle Oil, Porcini Reduction, Hydrated Grape Leaves.



& root vegetables.£ 14.50 

:Caciocavallo Cilento D.O.P. cheese & Rapini | almond milk. : ;Wild mushrooms & Truffle

: Spelt raviolo with Caerphilly cheese and chestnuts.


Pasta Amatrice £13.95

Rigatoni Pasta, tossed in San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Sweet and Sour Cherry Tomato, Welsh Dry Cured Bacon & Guanciale, Smoked Black Garlic.

Risotto Picker £.13.50

Smoked Salmon ,Baby Prawns, Asparagus Cream, Pinot Grigio and Beurre Blanc Sauce.

Risotto Mushrooms, & Pancetta (Please ask for veg option)(V)

A rustic Italian Risotto which combines Mushrooms, Pancetta-Bacon with creamy Arborio Rice. A classic Risotto oozing with rich flavours. £ 13.50


Main Dishes

Rossini Pollo£18.90

Chicken Fillet , Crusted guanciale, Duck Pate` , Madeira sauce, Wild Mushrooms.

Occasion Marsala £ 18.80

Chicken Ballotine wrapped in Bacon and Guanciale julienne, filled with Italian Cheeses, and Green Leaves Friarielli, served in a unique Creamy Marsala Wine & Garlic Mushrooms Sauce.

Simply Black £17,50

Supreme of Chicken Medallions Crusted with variety of Coursed Pepper and Seeds,

dusted with Red Onion Powder. Pepper Sauce, Trinkets of Pancetta & Bacon

Pollo DellaCasa £16.50

Accompanied with a rustic Italian Sauce which combines Garlic, Olives, Red wine, Tomato, & Oregano.

Welsh Lamb

Braised Lamb Shank, Red Wine, Smoked Garlic, Sage, Red Onions and Wasabi Crumbles.Served with Braising jus, Barolo wine reduction. £18.90

Lamb al Pepe £18.90

Lamb Shank Crusted with Variety of Coarse Pepper and Seeds,Continental Black Pepper Sauce, Porcini mushrooms, Trinket of Pancetta, Bacon.


Fresh Vegetable & Sautee Potatoes 3.80

| Potato Chips 3.30 |

Mix Olives Selection 3.90 |

Mix Salad 4.20 |

Cheesy Garlic Bread 4.20 |

Garlic Bread 3.90 |

Breads oil & Balsamic dressing.4.90


Should you have any allergies or specific preferences, please let us know​

Before ordering please make us aware of any requests, food allergies or intolerance that you may have; we will be more than happy to offer suitable alternatives.




Welsh Beef Fillet 80z

Verdi £ 25.90

Welsh Beef fillet Steak medallions, in a creamy white wine, roasted onion, & garlic sauce.


Rossini Filetto

Welsh Beef Fillet Steak medallions, with guanciale powder, Duck Pate` and Foie Gras dust. Madeira sauce, truffles shavings and wild mushrooms. £ 25.90



Welsh beef fillet Steak medallions, Bordelaise sauce and wild mushrooms. £ 25.50


Steak Galles “Wales” . £ 26.80

Welsh beef fillet Steak medallions, Penderyn Chasseur sauce, dry cured Welsh bacon .


Poivre Welsh beef fillet

Steak medallions, Poivre Sauce, Porcini mushrooms, trinket of hydrated pancetta bacon. £26.50


Sirloin Steak. £.25.80

Strips of aged sirloin Steak, accompanied with a Continental Black Pepper Sauce.

Fish of the Day

The Catch of the day varies, but there will be a delicious fish in the assortment. “Possible fillets” Ask for Today Specialities.