tasting Menu

Menu 2018

Our Seasonal menu changes monthly reflecting the produce coming from the whole of Wales.       

The excellent relation ship we have built with suppliers and joint passion for their commitment to animal welfare and top quality produce are crucial to the high standards that we strive for.

3 Courses choice £ 43.00

Beetroot dust

Cothi valley Goat cheese mousse , Tropea onion and figs chutney.



Salt marsh lamb,
fennel, potato croquette , bacon, fresh peas.


First Apple

Chicken and  Duck pate, apple and champagne

jelly , toasted brioche , red onion chutney,white vinegar sugar crystals .(D,G,MU,E )



Loch Duart Salmon fillet,

courgettes, prawns, Bercy sauce infused with Welsh cockle’s, Menai oyster broth. (F,G,D,V,M, Cr)


Smoked duck,

 dried yogurt,beetroot,marinated melon ,pea and mint gelato .(D,G,E,N,SE,)


To Follow


Chicken ballotine

Onwy Dry Cured Bacon, smoked Caerphilly cheese and kale,

veal jus,cumin.(G,D,V,MU)


Hake Pave,

flamed sea scallops,

Bercy sauce infused with oyster .(F,G,D,V,M, G,Cr)


The Sea

Roasted  Sea bass pave`Rolled with Hake rillettes, and brawn trout,

Bouillabaisse ,Welsh cockles, lemon air .(F,G,M,Cr,S,MU)


Welsh beef fillet medallions,

Potato Dauphinoise, young  vegetables roasting jus. (D,G,N,S,V,C,)


Seasonal vegetables, 

deconstructed tomato gazpacho, young vegetables ravioli.    (D,G,N,S,C,E,)


To Finish

Limoncello mimosa

Coconut & Bergamout sorbet,Barries macaroon.


Hazelnut Tartufo

Burned cream,Bee pollen,Tia Maria Gelato.


Salted Caramel cream Brule`

cherry sauce, Sicilian Pistachio  ice cream ,thyme.


Guanaja Bitter sweet chocolate,

burned peach,pink grapefruit sorbet,cocoa nibs.

Before ordering please make us aware of any requests, food allergies or intolerance that you may have; we will be more than happy to offer suitable alternatives.


Walking in Britain Tasting Menu 4 course £ 48.00


3 Glasses of matched wine are available alongside the menu at £ 18.00 per person.


Chicken and Duck pate

Apple and champagne jelly served with toasted brioche, 24ct gold dust,

caramelised onion chutney, white vinegar sugar crystals,

and vegetables crisp.

(D,G,MU, )   “Prosecco villa toscarini,Millesimato”


Salt marsh Lamb,

 fennel, potato daphinoise, bacon, fresh peas.

(G,D,Mu,N,V,L,)  “NeroD`Avola T.Sicilia  2013”


Sea bass  (coastline)

Rolled with hake rillettes, salmon ,

Bouillabaisse ,Welsh cockles,Bottarga, lemon air
(F,G,M,Cr,S,MU,D  "Savignon Blanc,Chenet,France”

Salted Caramel cream Brule`

cherry sauce,clotted cream -ice cream ,thyme.


Vegetarian-Garden Tasting menu 4 course £ 42.00

3 Glasses of matched wine are available alongside the  menu at £ 18.00 per person

Beetroot dust and Blown sugar  Sphere (V)

Cothi Valley goat cheese mousse , Tropea onion and figs chutney.

(G,Mu,C,V,D “Prosecco Casa Tini”

Gnocchi (V)

Broccoli ,Perl Las blue cheese bisque. .

(G,D,E,S,Mu,C,V “NeroD`Avola T.Sicilia  2013”

Seasonal Vegtable (V)

deconstructed tomato gazpacho, young vegetables ravioli. 

(D,G,E,S,C) Frascati V.Autore 2013”

Salted Caramel cream Brule`

cherry sauce,clotted cream -ice cream ,thyme.

Should you have any allergies or specific preferences, please let us know

(D) Contains dairy/milk, (V) Vegetarian

(N)Contains Nuts, (G) Contains gluten,

(E) Contains Egg, (P) Contains Peanuts,

(Cr) Contains crustaceans, (F) Contains Fish,

(M) Contains Molluscs, (S) Contains soya,

(MU)Contains Mustard, (SE) Contains sesame seeds,

(C) Contains Celery, (L) Contains Lupin,(SD) Contains sulphur dioxide